For the love of sports

Physical effort, surpassing oneself, competition are all daily challenges that are imposed on us, that we impose on ourselves. Why are our modern societies based on the cult of rivalry and performance?
Does opposing oneself to another, comparing oneself, confronting oneself, surpassing oneself allow one to better measure one's own esteem? Because somewhere, when we provide a particular physical effort, we seek our limits, we also seek to better know our body, and even to try to control it.

In the artistic field, many digital works use our data, test us, capture our movements, our energy, our physical efforts in order to trigger, to build a narrative, to ape Man.

We do not yet know what the proposed experiences will make us discover about ourselves, but we are ready to take up the challenge and play the game.

See you on March 21 for the opening of the collective exhibition.