SpielART, Schloss Achter, GER

The city and district of Ravensburg are world-renowned for games and children's books. Achberg Castle and curator Dr. Ilonka Czerny take this as an opportunity to explore what play and art have to do with each other. 15 artists, an artist duo and a computer game development team are involved.
Exhibitions on this subject have focused primarily on video games in recent years. The show in Achberg clearly shows how much “gaming” is changing playing. Under the German-English ambiguous title “SpielART”, she develops contemporary artistic positions that require digitization and gamification and in part work on them.

A double basic idea runs through the exhibition: "Art can be a game" and "Game can be art". Some works were specially designed or adapted for presentation in the rooms of Schloss Achberg. The first can already be admired in the castle courtyard and in the entrance hall and lure the curious into the baroque exhibition rooms inside. The exhibition is a meeting place where touching and playing are encouraged. The works of art are predominantly interactive and invite all generations to discover and become creative.