The World’s Smallest Social Network, 2011


Friends: How many of them do you have? On facebook the „how many“ seems to be more important then the „who“. For some facebook users the amount of friends seems to be an indicator of their own popularity. But how can you have a deep relationship with hundreds of friends? It‘s just impossible!

facebox is the world’s smallest social network. It is an artifact to rehabilitate social network geeks, an ironic statement to the massive increased social network madness. It‘s time to make a change: Erase your facebook account today and switch over to facebox! With facebox it‘s easy: By stucking your head into one of this old computer monitors you will dive into this real world network. Find a friend and talk to him in a intimate face to face situation. facebox provides everything a former social network addicted persons needs to reactivate his social skills which are necessary to have an intense human to human conversation:

  1. conversation stimulating computer controlled trustfully moderator voice
  2. facebook like interior and screen design
  3. cosy illumination concept
  4. highly emotional music
  5. close distance intercom system

But the most important is that no data will be stored or used by third party.