Blitz Hit

Acoustic Sword, 2016

Blitz Hit

Music as an acoustic sword

Acoustic irradiation for the purpose of propaganda or demoralization has always been used in modern warfare. Scientist researched that listening to music - especially to electronic dance music - releases endorphins direct into the limbic system which is known as the emotional aria of the brain. The Blitz Hit is a fully equipped mobile electronic music performance unit for the purpose of psychological manipulation by spreading highly infectious Military Dance Music (MDM) in combat missions. To push military music to the next level, the Military Dance Music Division (Kompanie für militärische Tanzmusik) was set up. The task force is composing highly infectious electronic dance music for use in various combat situations.

The BlitzHit is part of the "EAD weapons of mass distraction" series.

technical specs:
automotive missile carriage driven by 2 highly powerful and precise 24V 150W Engel motors//controlled by 2 axis stick//off road tires//power supply: 2x AGM 12V 60Ah batteries//LED underfloor//LED front//shock signal horn//2.1  sound system: 400W PWM 4 channel amp with power cap; 10“ sub tube//music production gear mounted on custom carriers: iPad pro tablet, Korg hard and software: mono tribe, volca bass, nano kaoss; pokket mixer; custom electronics
Blitz Hit is powered by:
Blitz Hit

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