Big Block

Post Oil Engine Simulator, 2012

Big Block

In a time after the oil, after the last drop of oil is squezed out of the ground, it will be hard to understand for our children how we could have waste that huge amount of oil in just 100 years. How could it happen? However cars will look like in the future and how they will be motorized – electricity, fuel cell, nuclear power, what ever – future generations will not understand what the fascinating aspect in driving around in an energie wasting overpowered SUV was. In fact it is absolutely insane and even high educated people using this cars know that. But they do it anyway. But the days of these monsters are numbered and in the future there will be museums for extincted motors like extincted dinosaurs nowadays.

“BIG BLOCK” is an interactive engine simulator. A real turning model of “the” american V8 engine: a 427 chevy big block: 427 cubic inches (7,0 l); 435 horse power; 8 cylinders which can be reved up to the max by pushing a gas pedal. Get the kick of the true to orignal roaring sound of this gas sucking monster. You won’t stop until your head is exploding, the exaust will make you unconscious or … you run out of gas !

Thanks to who made this fabulous engine sound device for us.