void Start(){Play( Exhibition

void Start(){Play( Exhibition

The exhibition void Start(){Play( will show experimental games, as well as artistic comments about games @ Burg Gallery in the Volkspark Burg Giebichenstein, Halle (Saale), beginning on October 17th.

From the website:
Games are part of everyday culture. They can be played everywhere: at home, mobile and connected with others. They are an established medium, at the center of various subcultures and are also subject of sustained artistic inquiry. Players/designers/artists analyze and question rules, possibilities of agency and forms of expression in games and develop new forms of expression.

The exhibition is curated by Prof. Jonas Hansen & Mathias Jüsche and students of Multimedia|VR-Designs @ the University of Art & Design Halle

// with works of Bianca Barnekow & Martin Rudat | Aram Bartholl | Pippin Barr | Etienne Dietzel & Jakob Schreiter | Patrick Eckardt | Harun Farocki | //////////fur//// | Leonhard Gläser & Björn Ording | Jonas Hansen | Thomas Hawranke | Frank Lantz | Karin Lingnau | Mathias Nell | Felix Nickel & Victor Stockert | Feng Mengbo | Paidia Institute | RAT KING | Katja Rempel | Stephan Rether | Tim Rumpf & Marian Schilasky | Martin Schapp | Tim Schuster | Zhiwei Wei | Marcel Wiessler, Sebastian Werner & | Tom Hanke | Oliver von Zweydorf |

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